#FFA07A - LightSalmon

The hexadecimal color code #FFA07A corresponds to the color "LightSalmon" , which is a shade of Orange. This color is a combination of red (at 1,00 level), green (at 0,63 level) and blue (at 0,48 level). Its brightness is 73% and its saturation is 100%. It is composed of red at 47%, green at 29% and blue at 22%.





Official nameLightSalmon
Shade of Orange
Hex Code #FFA07A
RGB Code rgb( 255 , 160 , 122)
RGB Code Percentagergb( 100.0% , 62.7% , 47.8% )
HSLhsl( 17 , 100% , 73% )

Variations of #FFA07A

Lighter Shades

Palette of gradually lightened shades. The lightest shade of #FFA07A is the color #FFF5F1



Darker Shades

Palette of progressively darker shades. The darkest shade is #19100C.



Other Shades of Orange

Examples of other colors within the Orange spectrum .

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Color Palettes

The complementary color #005F85 is the color exactly opposite to #FFA07A on the color wheel. The triadic palette is created by selecting two colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel.

Complementary color palette



Triadic palette



Uses of #FFA07A in CSS

When using #FFA07A as the background color, consider selecting a darker text color for improved readability. If you want to use #FFA07A as the text color, prefer a dark background, such as Black.
You can replace the color code #FFA07A with its official name: LightSalmon. You can then write in CSS "background: LightSalmon " for a background of #FFA07A.

#FFA07A as background color

Black text
White text
div{ background: #FFA07A;  }

div{ background: LightSalmon; }

Colored text

With a white background or
with a dark background
div{ color: #FFA07A;  }

div{ color: LightSalmon; }


#FFA07A colored border with a width of 3px
div{ border: 3px solid #FFA07A;  }

div{ border: 3px solid LightSalmon; }


#FFA07A shadow colored
div{ box-shadow: 3px 3px 7px #FFA07A; }

div{ box-shadow: 3px 3px 7px LightSalmon; }

In CSS, the color code #FFA07A can be replaced with its official name "".

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